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13 Celebrity Dachshund Owners

These dachshunds have been living the high life with their celebrity owners. Whether they are long-haired dachshunds, dapple dachshunds or anything in between, celebrities just can't seem to get enough of them!

1. Jack Black

Jack Black


2. Josh Duhamel

3. Kirsten Dunst

4. Ashley Olssen

5. Adele

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6. Clint Eastwood

7. David Bowie

8. David Hasselhoff

9. Fergie (she shares her dachshund with partner Josh Duhamel)


10. E.B. White


11. Leanard Nemoy


12. Andy Warhol


12. Gary Cooper


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2 thoughts on “13 Celebrity Dachshund Owners

  1. avatar Christopher J Stark says:

    Pablo Picasso!

  2. avatar CATHEY ELDERS says:

    Leanard Nemoy and his little guy look alike, same serious look!

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