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The top 5 Doxie Nap Positions - With Pictures

Doxi Naps

The top 5 Doxie Nap Positions

We love our Dachshunds, and they give us so much enjoyment, as we watch them sleep eat or play, but our favorite time with our Dachshunds is nap time, and that's because watching your Doxie take a nap is really the cutest thing ever!

Here are our top 5 positions 

#1. The Roly Poly

 Insta: @cooper_the_red_grande

#2. The Backstroke

Insta: @doxiebrook

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#3. Buddy Pose

Insta: @311kswiss

#4. The Blanket Monster

Insta: @kleine.the_original_sausage

#5. The Sprawl

Insta: @thorseph.jones

How does your Doxie like to nap? Let us know if the comments below, or tag us on social media #sausagedogcentral so we can see for ourselves! 


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3 thoughts on “The top 5 Doxie Nap Positions - With Pictures

  1. avatar Angie says:

    My 3 doxies like to sleep rolly polly and blanket monster.

  2. avatar Jean Sorensen says:

    My doxy is the black kid monster. He jumps upon the bed bites his banky whips it around then dives it it. Otherwise he likes to get on his daddy’s belly and sprawl.

  3. avatar Virginia Wheelis says:

    I thought I was looking at my.own Doxie Priscilla..

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