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Visit This Extraordinary Cafe JUST for Dachshunds!

Imagine being able to take your dog to a cafe that only caters to Dachshunds! All the treats and yummies to make your doxie happy and for you, a chance to meet and make new friends with other sausage dog owners! 

The good news is that there is such a place. The bad news is that only one city has this refreshing new concept. Introducing a charming new cafe in Glasgow, UK.  The Dachshund Cafe caters to sausage dogs and creates a warm and inviting space for doxies and their human handlers. 

Wouldn't be fun to have more cafes dedicated to our furry friends? Not only can dog owners bring their pets to the dog park to socialize with other animals and humans, but they can also now go to a cafe and do the same! 

Sausage Dog Central will keep fans updated on the latest doggie cafes when a new one crops up!



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One thought on “Visit This Extraordinary Cafe JUST for Dachshunds!

  1. avatar Jill says:

    I loved this article. Nothing but the truth. I don’t even want to take a vacation because I already miss my guy even before I leave. All I do is think about him.,,,,,, I love hanging with him all day and know that I will never sleep alone as long as Jax is with me,,,,, Love him so much,,,,,,,

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