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Visit This Extraordinary Cafe JUST for Dachshunds!

A Doggy Latte For A Dachshund?

Imagine being able to take your dog to a cafe that only caters to Dachshunds! All the treats and yummies to make your doxie happy and for you, a chance to meet and make new friends with other sausage dog owners!

Doxie owners would love the cafe because Dachshunds, as lovable as they are, come with a very serious health issue. One in four Dachshunds will have Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and the cafe would provide a great place to find support and understanding. 

Furry Friends Unite

Additionally, it would be a great place for Dachshunds to play and make new furry friends! It's a great alternative to the dog park, especially on rainy days. 

There IS A Real Cafe For Doxies

The good news is that there is such a place. The bad news is that only one city has this refreshing new concept. Introducing a charming new cafe in Glasgow, UK called The Dachshund Cafe. It caters to sausage dogs and creates a warm and inviting space for doxies and their human handlers. 


We Need More Doggie Cafes

With the success of the Dachshund cafe in the UK, there is no doubt other similar cafes will be cropping up. And, with all the benefits of these spaces, we more cafes dedicated to our furry friends! 

With that in mind, Sausage Dog Central will keep fans updated on the latest doggie cafes when a new one crops up!






We designed the Dachramp to help your Dachshund walk safely up and down high areas without hurting their back, helping to prevent injuries caused by jumping on and off furniture, it is specifically engineered with your Dachshunds back health in mind and features;

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dachshund ramp

Dachshund Ramp

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6 thoughts on “Visit This Extraordinary Cafe JUST for Dachshunds!

  1. avatar Sharyn ONeil says:

    Are Doxie mixes invited? Our gal is obviously a Doxie ad perhaps Papillion

  2. avatar Lee Rutledge says:

    Life has never been the same since I became the giftee of 2 owner sounds like possession. I had had one previously. I would love somewhere just for them.

  3. avatar Anne says:

    Would love to see one open in Saint Louis, Missouri!! And so would Snickers, my female dapple dachshund. A great concept!

  4. avatar John G. says:

    We take our 5 with us wherever we travail. They are great travel companions. We would certainly go to a Doxie cafe if one was around!

  5. avatar Jane James says:

    Hey, you should also feature Doxie Slush located in Hermann, Missouri! It just opened March 2019, and is a dachshund mermaid themed bar and restaurant. They specialize in scratch made frozen cocktails, quality seafood, and coastal inspired eats!

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